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Place an Ad in Our Program?
Feature Your Pet(s) on the APIQWTC Pets Page?

Calling all community members and pet lovers!  You can support APIQWTC by placing an ad in our banquet program! We are now accepting Program Ad and Pet Pages submissions.

In addition to reaching out to approximately 250 banquet guests, a portion of your ad proceeds will go towards funding APIQWTC scholarships and will help support us pay for banquet expenses.

More information is included in the registration forms below.

  • For more info about the Pet Pages Form, please contact .
    The complete Pet Pages Registration form can be emailed back to Mary.

  • For the Program Ad Registration Form, please email digital ad art to Mary at , with “APIQWTC Ad” in the subject header.

    Artwork and check must be RECEIVED by Friday, MARCH 30th, 2018.

**Checks must be RECEIVED (not postmarked, received) by Friday, MARCH 30th, 2018 in order for us to confirm ad placement in the Pets Pages of the event program. This is the printing deadline, no exceptions. Please see mailing address inside forms below.

Please click on links or images below to download your forms.

Program Ad Registration Form
Must be recieved by: 3/30/2018Program-Ad-Registration-Form-2018
Pet Ad Registration Form
Must be recieved by: 3/30/2018Pet-Ad-Registration-Form