Urban Walk and Coffee in Cute Downtown Mountain View

Posted on Jan 29, 2015 in

If it’s light rain, it’s still a go.  If alot of rain, we will hang out at a coffee shop on Castro St.  Text/Call me, if you have questions!

THIS IS A JOINT MEETUP EVENT WITH ANOTHER GROUP!! //www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Dyke-Diversions/events/220084899/

Want to get a bit of exercise, explore the neighborhood, peruse the shops, and get some coffee in the heart of Silicon Valley? Then strap on your granny walking sneakers and join us for a little outdoor excursion to the popular Castro Street neighborhood in downtown Mountain View.

Here’s the plan:

-Meet at 1pm by the flagpole at the front of Eagle Park Pool (see below for a pic of the meetup spot). Parking is often available in the parking lot, and also on Church Street and High School Way.

-We will walk approximately 2 miles around the cute, quirky neighborhoods and end at Castro Street, where we can get coffee and snacks.

Want to carpool or find a MUNI/BART travel buddy? Post your heart’s desires in the comments section below.

Email or call/text me directly anytime if you have any questions,