2016 HONOREE (Organization) – Women of Trikone

Congratulations to Women of Trikone, Our 2016 Phoenix Award Honoree!

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Women of Trikone is a branch of Trikone, the world’s oldest South Asian LGBTQ non-profit organization. We represent the group of queer – female identified persons of South Asian descent from the San Francisco Bay Area interested in building a strong community, engaging in discussions, networking, sharing news, and advertising events.




APIQWTC Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award honors API queer women and transgender individuals who have made outstanding contributions of historical significance to the Asian Pacific Islander queer women and transgender community. The Phoenix symbolizes virtue, grace, integrity, and peace. The mythical bird additionally signifies divine beauty in its symbolic incorporation of opposing forces – yin and yang, male and female, conflict and happiness – to create harmony and balance. Awardees embody the qualities of the Phoenix, in their power and commitment to inspire faith and incite action towards justice.


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