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Beloved Daughters

“Beloved Daughter”
4th edition of “Beloved Daughter” booklet is available via mail!


“We still are not able to be candid, to have the courage to say to other people that my daughter is a lesbian.”

“I think what is best for her is for her to be herself and for those who love her to accept who she is.”

This unique collection of letters, written by family members of queer Asian women, tell the stories and struggles of families grappling with their daughters’/sisters’ sexuality.

Candid, funny, and moving, the writings reflect the diverse experience of our loved ones.

The booklet contains 14 stories by parents and siblings of Chinese lesbians about their coming-out in both Chinese and English. It is part of the Family Letter Project, was published by MAPLBN (Mandarin Asian Pacific Islander Lesbian/Bisexual Network), a group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Coming Out DVDs

DVD with two documentaries “Coming Out, Coming Home” & “There is No Name for This” is now available, please email API Family Pride at or call Belinda at (510) 818-0887.

URL: www.apifamilypride.org

Watch a portion of “Coming Out, Coming home” below:

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