API Transmasculine Anthology QACON Workshop – Sat., 5/4/19

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Come to the 12th Annual QACON (Queer and Asian Conference)

May 3-5, 2019 @ UC Berkeley

Join This Workshop:

API Transmasculine Anthology | Join the Rice Bowl:

Telling our Stories & Creating Our Art

1:50pm – 3:05pm at 109 Dwinelle Hall (Saturday, 5/4/19)

We’re creating the first ever API Transmasculine Anthology and we invite you to join in the process of using writing and art as a source of power and liberation. In this workshop we will explore different themes, including defining our identities and intersectionalities, race, resistance, sex, immigration, oppression, and medical transition.

Some writing and art prompts include:

  • What are stories you’ve been told about gender that aren’t true/ or are true for you?
  • What identities are hypervisible, which ones are invisible, and how does that effect your being in this world?
  • Describe your favorite public restroom…
  • Tell a story of how you found your place of strength…
  • Do you remember a time when you felt peaceful and strong in the skin you’re in?
  • What word would you reclaim for yourself?
  • How do you advocate for your identities?

We will create a space for everyone to engage their powerful, authentic voices, build relationships, witness each other’s stories, ignite imaginations and engage creativity. Come as you are!

Facilitated by Chino Scott-Chung, River Suh, Jesse Burger and Jai Lai Yee

Please click on the image below to view more information about the API Transmasculine Anthology:


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