APIQWTC Banquet Wants Your Pet!

Posted on Mar 13, 2015 in News Archive, Past Events

Lucy and Lacy
It’s BAAACCK !!   Because they were so CUTE last year…

Calling all Pets of APIQWTC!

Are you a cat, dog, bird, bunny, or other cutie patootie, feeling left out of the Banquet (even if you’re a Sheep/Goat)? Here’s your chance to make a splash at the event anyway! — and support APIQWTC’s annual fundraiser too, which benefits APIQWTC scholarships, ongoing activities, and our 2015 beneficiary, QueeRoc.

Be featured on the APIQWTC Pets Pages in the Banquet Program! You will gain a measure of fame and a lot of “awww”‘s!

There will be 3-4 pets featured per Pets Page in the program. Cost is $25 donation, tax-deductible.
Just tell your human to do the following to be received by April  11 (printing deadline):

#1   Email a PHOTO (closeup is best) of your pet, along with the following info:
Your name:_______________________
Email: _______________________
Phone# (for any questions)_____________
Pet’s name:  Hi, I’m ________________
Pet’s family:  I live with _______________
Pet’s favorite food/toys/things:  I love _______________ (max. 20 words).
Pet’s quote:  “_____________________!”  (max. 20 words)
(the last 4 lines above will appear in the program under your pet’s photo)

Email both photo and the above info to: 
—  or mail both along with your check, to the address provided below.
#2   Send a check for your $25 donation to “API Banquet” and note on the check “PET PAGE”

Checks must be RECEIVED (not postmarked, received) by April 11 in order for us to confirm placement in the Pets Pages of the event program.  This is the printing deadline, no exceptions.

You will get a confirmation email once we have received both your pet’s photo/info and your check.  You will be sent a tax-deductible acknowledgment letter after the event from our 501(c) nonprofit sponsor, A&PI Wellness Center.

That’s it!   Thank you for your support!
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