Meowww! Mug Art Commission! 2019 APIQWTC Lunar New Year Banquet

Posted on Feb 18, 2019 in News Archive

A gray cat sits next to 15 mugs from previous banquets stacked on top of one another.
Calling all illustrators, designers, artists! APIQWTC is looking for artwork for the 32nd Lunar New Year Banquet mug, which will be given to all people attending the event!

The chosen mug artist will receive:

  • A free ticket to the banquet
  • $50 honorarium
  • Recognition in the program

Mug artwork must meet these criteria:

  1. Original artwork
  2. Include the date (4/20/19), “APIQWTC Lunar New Year Banquet”, and “Year of the Pig”
  3. Dimensions must be 8.5″ x 3″ – https://www.apiqwtc.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/productattachments-files-8-_-8.5×3-mug-11oz.jpg
    mug design specification
  4. By an artist who self-identifies as a queer woman/trans person of Asian and/or Pacific Islander heritage
  5. Submitted by 3/1/19

The same artist can make multiple submissions. We welcome all your ideas!

Feel free to distribute to those who may qualify and be interested. Please email Mizuki Shiraishi at with submissions or questions. Thank you!!

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