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DEADLINE: February 14, 2021


APIQWTC (Asian and Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community) is an organization in the SanFrancisco Bay Area providing support and community for nearly 800 queer and trans Asian and Pacific Islander individuals. The APIQWTC scholarship supports queer Asian and Pacific Islander women and transgender people in their pursuit of technical/professional training or higher education. The scholarship recognizes those who are active in the community and encourages future leaders. APIQWTC will be awarding scholarships of $2500 each to two Asian/Pacific
Islander lesbian, bisexual, or queer women or transgender individuals pursuing technical/professional training or an undergraduate/graduate degree.


Current students in a certificate or degree-granting program as well as high school seniors and other future students about
to matriculate into a certificate or degree-granting program in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021 are eligible to apply. Applicants
should demonstrate academic commitment as well as community involvement.


Please submit an electronic copy of the following to the email address below:

  • A one-page cover letter (300 words or less) describing:
    • 1-2 activities that you’ve been involved in within the API Queer & Trans community and why these activities are important to you
    • Your future planned involvement in the API Queer & Trans community
    • Any other special circumstances (i.e. financial need)
  • A resume or c.v.
  • A two-page double-spaced personal statement that addresses:
    • How your cultural heritage, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity have influenced your life
    • Other community activities related to your cultural heritage, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity that you’d like us to know about
    • Any relevant experiences (i.e. work or school)
    • Your future goals and planned community involvement, either through your career or otherwise o Any ties you have to the San Francisco Bay Area
  • At least one but no more than two letters of recommendation:
    • Letter(s) of recommendations should come from an instructor, employer, academic counselor, coach, community leader, or any other individual not related to you who is familiar with your personal, academic, or leadership qualities
    • Letter(s) of recommendation MUST be emailed directly from the author’s email address

Please send an official transcript either as:

  • A secure, digitally signed electronic transcript file from your school
  • Or, if your school cannot send an official electronic transcript, then please mail your official, sealed transcript to the address below

Email the cover letter, resume/c.v., and personal statement no later than 11:59 pm Pacific time, February 14, 2021 to: Letters of recommendation must be emailed by the letter’s author no later than 11:59 pm Pacific time, February 14, 2021 to:

If you must mail your official, sealed transcript, then it must be postmarked by or before February 14, 2021 and sent to: Junior Claros P.O. Box 31872 San Francisco, CA 94131 Feel free to direct any questions to Junior Claros at .

The selection committee reserves the right not to award any scholarships if an appropriate applicant cannot be identified.

Please Donate – APIQWTC Scholarship Fund

Past Scholarship Awardees


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