Posted on Jan 20, 2013 in Scholarship Awardees

Wen Liu and Estelle Davis have won this year’s APIQWTC scholarships.
Congratulations to both for their impressive accomplishments!

Wen  Liu is a queer Taiwanese community organizer and graduate student in  the Social-Personality Psychology Ph.D. Program at the City University  of New York, Graduate Center. As an undergraduate at University of  Washington, Wen co-founded  the Queer People of Color Alliance, Youth for Middle East, and Chinese  Speaking Queers. Wen additionally worked as a programming coordinator at  Q Center, the LGBT resource center, advocating particularly for queer  students of color.  Wen has also organized East African, Latino,  and Asian immigrant custodial staff by forming a multi-generational  labor solidarity group called International Workers and Students for  Justice to combat lay offs and workplace harassment. This summer Wen  will conduct qualitative research on lesbian and bisexual Southeast  Asian migrant workers in Taiwan to underscore how they have formed  community and comradeship in their fight against capitalist  exploitation.

Thank you video from Wen.


Sarah Estelle Davis is a second-generation queer Filipina American who¬† will begin the Master’s in Public Health at San Francisco State¬† University in fall 2011. She hopes to improve accessibility by training¬† health care professionals in cultural competency. Estelle plans to¬† develop frameworks that are particularly inclusive of LGBT, trauma¬† survivors, and Asian American communities. She has worked eight years as a¬† public health worker at organizations such as Center for Health¬† Training, Fenway Community Health Center, and Marin AIDS Project. She is¬† currently a legal worker at Communities United for Restorative Justice,¬† an organization that combats the criminalization of young men of color¬† and the displacement of low-income communities. As an undergraduate at¬† Tufts University, Estelle examined the medicalization of polycystic¬† ovary syndrome, the most common reproductive disorder in reproductive¬† aged women.

Estelle will be at the banquet to thank APIQWTC in person.

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