2012 APIQWTC Scholarship Awardees!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013 in News Archive, Scholarship Awardees

A PIQWTC is proud to award Christine Pan a scholarship to pursue her graduate degree in the Master of Fine Arts Program at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. APIQWTC recognizes and supports her efforts in producing groundbreaking creative work as a visual artist, writer, activist, and cultural producer. Through her work, Christine is a visionary leader in promoting API queer women and transgender voices and visibility. She is the creator and founder of The Visibility Project, a photography and video community-based project that brings together community members, organizations, activists, and artists. Currently, Christine is developing a science-fiction project involving cyborgs, theory, video, installation, absurdity, and chips. Her work can be viewed at www.christinepan.com and www.visibilityproject.org. Congratulations Christine!

A PIQWTC is proud to award Jamie Sumague a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy at Columbia University. Jamie has been involved immensely in Columbia University’s LGBT programming and advising on campus. With a rigorous academic schedule, Jamie is able to balance demanding academic expectations with LGBT programming efforts towards queer API advocacy. Jamie’s efforts are to develop and nurture a culture of acceptance on and off campus. Programming efforts have included mentorship programs, discussion series, and mixers to aid in suicide prevention, combating institutionalized homophobia, increased mental health for the campus community. Congratulations Jamie on your activism!

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